How to Use Fishing Magnets Correctly

Fishing magnets

Utilizing fishing magnets to retrieve metal objects is an intriguing hobby. Although it sounds innocent, it can be extremely dangerous. It is vital to know how to utilize magnets in a safe way.

First, you need to know how you can determine the right magnet. There are many different types of fishing magnets on the market. You can pick between single-sided, clamp , and all-around magnets. Each type is ideal to various applications.

The clamp style magnet is a great all-round magnet. It is equipped with a large, single neodymium magnet that is clamped to a steel shell. They have a massive pulling force. They are incredibly powerful and have been in use for years. However, they’re not quite as widespread in the US as they are in other countries.

If you want to do magnet fishing, you should ensure that you select an item with a high pull force. If you’re unfamiliar with using magnets, begin with a pull force of 300-660 pounds. This force is enough to lift heavy metal objects. If you’re looking to use a double-sided magnet, you should choose one that has a pull force of 1,000 to 220 pounds.

No matter what magnet you choose, make sure you wash it prior to storage. Cleaning can stop corrosion and also help keep the magnet from getting rusty. Some people also like to employ a plastic scraper in order to remove any magnetic pieces. After you’ve finished fishing, clean the magnet.

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